Southwestern Virginia has been hit hard with the economic issues that plague our country. In Martinsville and Henry County, poverty has become commonplace, drug/alcohol addiction is rampant and gangs are more violent and prevalent. These factors help create a moral decay and result in a rising homeless population. Martinsville has an official unemployment rate hovering around 20% and existing resources are being rapidly depleted. More and more people are finding themselves in dire need of help with no resources available.

A small Martinsville shelter serves women and children, leaving husbands and fathers with nowhere to turn. Men of all walks of life are finding themselves homeless or on the edge of homelessness in Martinsville and Henry County. This need is rapidly approaching critical levels and The Community Dream Center (TCDC) desires to be part of the solution.

TCDC believes that healing for broken people is desperately needed. First, a person's physical needs must be met. Then, a person's spiritual needs can be addressed. Lasting healing and hope only comes through a relationship with God. By meeting needs, TCDC hopes to win the right to speak into the lives of hurting people the truth that is life changing.